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Do You Have a Story to Tell?

The Montefiore Press is engaged in the writing, production, publishing, and distribution of private books. Its sole purpose is to bring to light the stories of exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions in their professional, civic, and philanthropic endeavors. We produce books that entertain, enlighten, and inspire.

The goal for our clients is to provide a lasting legacy for family or business, ensuring an accurate historical record of their lives and activities. Our intent is to ensure that the readers enjoy the story being told about a person’s life. When we hear that they couldn’t put the book down, we know we have done our job.

If you are interested in telling your story, please contact us for further information.

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Types of Books We Produce

The Montefiore Press produces Memoirs, Biographies, Family and Business Histories, Family Lore,Tribute Books and Special Projects.

Memoir: The book is usually told in the first person. Our interviews focus on one individual, the subject. Secondary interviews provide a more complete picture of the person and events. Sufficient time is needed to understand his or her life, thinking, acting, and speaking so the book can seamlessly reflect the subject’s voice.

Biography: The book is generally written in the third person. If the subject is alive, we can determine if the first- or third-person approach is more appropriate.

Family History: This book tells the history of a family, with genealogical information and a narrative. Family trees, photographic remembrances and other personal details are included to complete the history.

Business History: This book traces the founding and history of a business.

Tribute Book: This book can be produced as a tribute to a person, movement, place, institution or organization.

Family Lore: In this book, factual family information is woven with historical details to construct a piece of historical fiction — truly for the lovers of history and creativity.

Special Project: This book can be anything from a history of an organization to a cause-oriented book that a client may use to for educational, fund-raising, or other purposes.

Our Founding

The Montefiore Press was founded in 2005 by Joshua M. Sklare.

When asked by a family member for help writing a book, Josh researched the field of private biographies and memoirs (commissioned books not available for sale) and found that the books generally lacked the research and writing quality in commercially available books. They also lacked the in-depth background interviews and the well-edited, engaging narratives that would appeal to many philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and professionals interested in have such books created.

The production of a private book, “Lift Up Your Voice” by Leonard P. Zakim, through Rose Sklare’s Textbook Writers Associates played an integral role in the founding of the company. This led to extensive geneological research for one book and was followed by interest from several future clients. We could fill a niche in this small marketplace.

And so, Montefiore Press was established.

Founding Inspiration

America I Love You
by Meyer Lippman (1864–1958)

Written by Josh’s great grandfather, the book tells the story of his boyhood in the town of Kovno, Lithuania, his journey across the Atlantic at eighteen, and his escapades from the Lower East Side through Appalachia and the South, all the way to Chicago where he eventually settled.

A great believer in the American dream and its limitless opportunities, the immigrant began a small lumber company, survived the Depression, and then rode the post-war construction boom.

Lippman’s two sons took his belief in America to new heights, using the raw materials of the lumber yard to become builders. Other family members joined them and Oxford Development Corporation was formed. Their company had built over 59,000 apartment units, 7 shopping centers and 25 office buildings and warehouses.

This is the type of story that we seek to tell at Montefiore Press.

The Bookmaking Process

Before beginning any work, we’ll take the time to understand your story. We scope out the project with you and spend time in preliminary interviews to construct the initial outline of your book. 

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The best way to capture your story is through a series of recorded interviews. Depending on the type of book, we interview the key players in the story and often follow up with second and third interviews.


Historical events provide a background to your story. We focus on your story and weave it into the events of the time. Our research of your documents and photos, client ephemera and correspondence, and academic archives can add color and interest to the telling of your story.

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Our books range from 60 to 500 printed pages (15,000 to 150,000 words). Research complete, our writers put pen to paper to tell your story. The manuscript is written in stages, with your review at each step.

We typically go through 3–6 drafts including fact checking and your approvals. Once approved, each chapter is sent to our copyeditors. Your approval at each stage is key to the successful completion of your book.


We coordinate with you to choose the photos and artifacts for the book. They are scanned and digitally restored, enriching your story.

Book and Cover Design and Production

The cover is designed to complement the book, attracting the reader to explore your story. The images are paired with the text to bring your story to life. After your approval and a final proofread, your book is ready for the printer.

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Printing and Delivery

Your book is completed according to your specifications: number of books, hardbound or softcover, use of color, etc. We can provide from 50 books to as many as 50,000 books. Book size is generally 6 x 9 or 7 x 10 but specialty sizes are also available. We use a quality U.S. printer and generally deliver your bound books in 4–8 weeks.


Clients give books to family, friends, and associates, and distribute them for charitable purposes. 

Beyond the Book

A digital archive of your book is prepared for you; it includes digital files of all the photos used in your book and a PDF of the text.

At your request, an eBook version of your story can be prepared for viewing on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.


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